IPM Training

PARC provides IPM Training(Integrated Pest Management), an ecological approach to structural and agricultural pest control that integrates pesticides/herbicides into a management system incorporating a range of practices for economic control of a pest.

Food Safety

PARC provides sufficient training and instruction in Food Safety. Food safety is a scientific discipline that describes the handling, preparation and storage of food in ways that prevent food-borne illness. Food safety is achieved through food quality control at all stages of the food supply chain from primary production or purchase, through processing and storage, to distribution and consumption.

Training Options

We advise organizations, exporting companies and farms on criteria to use in the selection of chemicals, how to use and handle them safely and on the likely impact of non-compliance. We offer custom made courses to meet the needs of clients at the appropriate time.

We also hold several categories of programmed courses on safe and effective use of pesticides, agricultural and public health pest control, good pesticide application, and first aid in relation to poisoning by farm chemicals. Certificate courses are classified as levels one, two and three.


PARC offices are conveniently located at the Hurlingham shopping center, 5 minutes away from the city center.The center has fully fledged training facilities adequate for training groups and suitable for panel discussions.Some of the recent training exercises we have undertaken are on the right hand side in this page