Safe Pesticide Use is crucial in agricultural practice. PARC provides information and education in safe use of pesticides and product development. PARC was formed to bridge the gap in knowledge, skills and expertise in agriculture. The center brings together a specialized team of highly qualified personnel in postgraduate agriculture, pest and disease control, agricultural extension and development. We offer the following consultancy services.

Safe Pesticide Use

We specialize in the provision of Consultancy and Training in the safe pesticide use. We provide extensive consultations in safety, impact assessment and management of Pesticides.We advise organizations, exporting companies and farms on criteria to use in the selection of chemicals, how to use and handle them safely, and on the likely impact of non-compliance.

We have developed several categories of courses on safe pesticide use, agricultural and public health pest control, effective and efficient pesticide application, first aid in relation to poisoning by farm chemicals. This also includes chemical selection.

Product Development

We offer Product Development Services for importers and manufactures of Pesticides and non-Pesticide products. We undertake Market Surveys, and provide advice on Product Profiling and Positioning. We provide administrative services for new products to ensure they meet the legal and regulatory requirements required for registration and use. We prepare and submit documentation in support of pest control product registration. We also design and supervise field protocols for trials in support of national use of such products, and then audit and summarize the results before submission.

Strategic Input in Agriculture

We provide consultancy services in strategic planning, analysis and implementation of ideas in farms, industries and institutions. We carry out consultations on analysis of the performance of sector, design of programs in agriculture and undertake technical audits. We undertake problem-solving assignments in relation to good agricultural practice (GAP) on farms, among small growers and for processors of produce.